Modified Clay, named as MC

Through MC technology, the mix of natural inorganic raw materials such as soil, sand, stone powder & ash undergo spray-mixing process converting it into modified inorganic materials encapsulated with active surface coating.

The resultant modified inorganic materials can then be shaped into various forms of composite materials such as thin sheet, board or block through manipulation of heating curves & photochemical isomerism technique.

MC (Modified Clay) : the new ecological raw materials

With our innovation & breakthrough, inorganic clay are now able to cure un-fired into any shape and profile the same way as organic plastic.

Our technology breakthrough leads to the successful launch of MCM decorative materials product range, which carbon footprint is reduced by 80% comparing to traditional decorative materials; and can be Recycle & Reuse infinitely.

The possibilities of MC (Modified Clay) is infinite : substituting concrete, tars & bitumen to built roads; replacing plastic, resin, cement and wood to produce flatted board, customised shapes, rolls or even art display - endless possibilities for countless industries.

Phomi as the innovator & global leader of MCM decorative materials product range, welcomes talents from all sectors to promote the continued innovation & application of the MC (Modified Clay) technology for mutual benefits and to save the environment.