Customer should aware and communicate clearly to its customers/retailers/consumers in advance on the above before soliciting orders.

Production Cycle
Customer acknowledges that the Products are supplied FOB USD and that there is an 30-45 business days lead time for the manufacture to make available out of the factory warehouse for the shipping of products.

Examine Products
Customer should conduct inspection before delivery of products. Customer agrees that PHOMI's products comply customer's requirement once the products shipped out of PHOMI 's factory. However, customer remains right to raise an objection within 15 days after the products arriving destination port。

Products Delivery
Customer has to deliver all the products within 15 days after delivery notification received. Otherwise storage fees will be charged to customer according to the daily 0.5% of total amount. Exceed 30 days without balance paid and delivery from customer, the products will be confiscated by PHOMI without returning on deposits.

Storage Conditions
PHOMI’s product can absorb smell due to its breathable features. Customer should keep the storage environment odorless, dry and with good air circulation during transportation, storage and reselling on the Products.